Every Real Estate Transaction Needs a Plan!

  • 74% of sellers do not think agents do enough to earn their commissions!!


  • Can you answer
    to the following questions?


  • Nordstrom's value proposition is "Shopping humanized"
    Do you have a
    Value Proposition?

  • Do you know how many hours you spend on each activity you perform in a typical transaction?

  • Your performance for every client is about process. Can you describe yours?

  • Do you know what transparency is and why it is important to you and your clients?

  • Do your clients know exactly what your detail plan is and what services you will provide?

  • Can you justify your fees and/or commission to your clients?

  • If you answered NO
    to any of these questions,
    You need SmartPlan™.

  • SmartPlan™ is a real estate business tool which answers YES to these questions and is sure to win more clients!

  • Would you like to learn more about the SmartPlan™
    tools that will show your clients every activity you will perform and what it costs? (learn more »)


SmartPlan™:  a revolutionary tool that provides your clients with the services you will perform and what those services cost. We call it a Smart Real Estate Business Plan; or SmartPlan™.

Check out the study results on "Do REALTORS® Earn Their Commisions" in the SlideShow →

The SmartPlan™ will ensure your clients DO KNOW how you earn your commission or fees!!



What is SmartPlan™?
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Does this approach replace commissions?
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What information do I need to supply?
All of the standard activities are available as well as several optional activities. All you need to supply are the   more …
What are the technical requirements?
The current SmartPlan™ is built using Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and are interactive/formula driven. There are several sheets organized into a   more …
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